About Purite


Purite aims to bring something concrete to the term ECO.

Our ingredients are chosen due to their age-old nutritional properties. Much like a well-balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients, a well-composed cosmetic product does not require any additional chemical substances. We only use essential oils produced from certified ecological crops. The fats are not submitted to the harmful process of refinement. Our products contain herbs and fruit macerates. All our ingredients are acquired in accordance with fair trade principles.

While we place a lot of faith in the power of nature, this does not mean that we have reverted to simple traditional methods of producing cosmetics. We continuously develop our knowledge of the newest scientific and medical research concerning our skin needs. At every turn, we introduce the most modern and cleanest technologies for acquiring plant extracts and use the most up-to-date methods of cosmetics production which comply fully with pharmaceutical standards.

This synergy of an innovative approach with an ecological lifestyle and the fruits of nature has become the defining feature of Purite’s approach and our company’s mission.

Our main inspiration and motivation for all our actions is an ecological approach to the world around us. We know the value of maintaining the balance of nature and observe humanity’s destructive influence on the world. The consequences of upsetting the balance of nature have only recently become fully apparent, which is why we do everything in our power to protect the environment.

While many cosmetic products suggest an affinity with nature through their packaging and name, with the “paraben-free” label attached to almost each and every container, the promises of a soft approach to our skin more often than not remain empty slogans.
It is no great achievement that a cosmetic product is made without the use of a substance widely known to be harmful. The real art lies in creating cosmetics without cheap petroleum-derived ingredients, paraffin, silicone, preservatives and artificial aromas, which are the leading cause of the epidemic of skin allergies plaguing modern society.

The simplification of our products’ formulas and the use of only specially selected ingredients have become our trade marks. All PURITE products contain exclusively natural substances.

What then are the values Purite upholds? The continuous attempt to achieve a feeling of well-being and harmonious self-development. The constant search for balance as a way of dealing with everyday life. The collecting of moments worth remembering.