About Purite



100% plant and mineral ingredients, therapeutic properties and cosmetic care, an ecological approach that begins with the very fundaments of our process, an uncompromising approach to modern cosmetics.


The Purite brand is all about handmade cosmetics containing 100% plant and mineral components. The production process makes use of pure plant oils, butters and wax, herbs, flowers, bushes, essential oils, bee’s wax, honey, goat’s milk, as well as medicinal loam and Dead Sea salt, which are natural sources of cosmetic and therapeutic care. Purite’s sensual fragrances stem from the natural ingredients contained within the essential oils and the plant butters and oils.

Purite is therapy for the skin

The most significant aspect of our cosmetics is their therapeutic properties. Their aim is to restore the balance in the functioning of the skin and aid in the treatment of common skin problems, such as dryness, broken capillaries or acne. As a result, all our products – from the soap to the oleums, elixirs or hair shampoos – not only provide cosmetic care but primarily contain ingredients with specific therapeutic properties.

The Purite laboratory

Our cosmetics are made in a small laboratory with the use of the most modern production methods. They are full of bioactive ingredients and active substances, such as hormones, plant enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The process of their creation requires time, precision and care, and as such, the Purite cosmetics are produced on a small scale with great attention paid to their quality.

Ecological Purite

We do not use pesticides, artificial fertilizers or colouring in the production of our cosmetics. The plants are acquired in accordance with their biological rhythms, while the oils come from certified farms. We use biodegradable packaging and recycle all the glass containers, while also retrieving water from the production of herbal distillates. We aim to develop people’s ecological awareness and believe that such actions have a real influence on the protection of our Planet.