"Healthy Vessels" OLEUM

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"Healthy Vessels" OLEUM 30ml


OLEUM – a magical blend of medicine and cosmetics – this is a wonderful cocktail concocted from fresh herbs harvested from our own ecological plantation, which also includes organic oils and vegetable butters imported from across the globe. All this enclosed in a pharmacist's jar suitable for recycling. Therapy and nurture in one product – both health and beauty... with the added bonus of a drop of aromatherapy.


Oleum for vessels treatment is an ideal preparation for the everyday strengthening and protection of capillary skin. Systematically used, it reduces redness and soothes irritations, eliminating skin burning and skin peeling. It enhances the skin's protective system, improves its resistance to the negative effects of external factors such, as wind, sudden changes of ambient temperature, environmental pollution.

The escin found in chestnut tree flowers and bark suppresses the activity of enzymes that destructively affect capillary walls, thus insulating them, improving their elasticity and enhancing resistance to dilation and fissures. Flavonoids and coumarin also possess insulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.
Rue herbs contain high quantities of essential oils, coumarin compounds, alkaloids, flavonoids, as well as organic acids, mineral salts and vitamin C. They mainly exhibit properties that soothe and strengthen minor blood vessels.
The coumarin in the yellow sweet clover herbal extract strengthens the lymphatic vessels and invigorates blood circulation, preventing the breakage of minor bloods vessels and their thrombosis.
Chamomile possesses regenerative qualities with regard to damaged, fissured epidermis, and also various minor wounds and burns. It enhances regeneration, has anti-inflammatory effects and nourishes the skin.

Argan oil is ideal for mature, aging skin, by revitalising the skin barrier it enhances skin moisturization, thus protecting from the premature appearance of wrinkles. Thanks to the presence of phytosterols, it has anti-inflammatory properties and protects the skin from atmospheric factors.

Nutmeg flower oil eases skin irritations, enhances the healing of wounds, aides the treatment of skin afflictions such as acne or atomic dermatitis. Additionally, it augments the condition of dry skin through moisturization, while – thanks to the high anti-oxidant levels – it slows down skin-aging processes. In the case of oily skin, it prevents the skin from glistening.

Grape seed oil is the richest source of linoleic acid and natural vitamin E, an ideal antioxidant. Additionally, it contains vitamin B6, lecithin, anti-oxidant flavonoids and resveratrol, as well as various minerals. As a result, it helps suppress skin-aging processes, regenerating and nourishing the skin, while it also has tonic, anti-inflammatory and irritation soothing properties.

After use on the skin, it is fully absorbed without leaving an oily layer. The skin becomes smooth and shiny, its firmness and tension improves, while the lipid structure of the epidermis is strengthened. Shea butter, known also as karité butter (from the French word for LIFE), is an aromatic fat obtained from the nut of the African shea tree.

It acts as a natural UV filter, and it has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-aging properties, as well as helping eliminate stretch marks. It is also an exceptional medicinal compound, as it stimulates the faster scarring of wounds and burns. Additionally, it contains vitamin F, which brings relief to tired, tense and hurting muscles, thus helping them to relax.

Oleic and stearic acid constitutes up to 90% of the butter. The amount of unsaturated fatty acids considerably exceeds that which can be found in cocoa butter and other natural vegetable butters. Unsaturated fatty acids are the key ingredient of skin rejuvenation and moisturization – thanks to its deep penetration, it helps oil and moisturize the skin. Shea butter helps to maintain moisture and decrease water loss by creating a protective barrier on the skin’s surface by binding water (it lowers the TEWL level), thus preventing excessive skin dryness or exfoliation.

Simultaneously, it is ideally absorbed without leaving an oily layer, while remaining in the deeper skin layers for longer. Undeniably, thanks to its origin, it adds a touch of the exotic to the cosmetics.

Natural beeswax creates an occlusive membrane (film) on the skin’s surface, which helps prevent excessive water loss on the surface (this has an indirect moisturizing effect). As a result, it helps nurture, i.e. smooth and soften the skin, bringing about a shine and exhibiting regenerative properties. Honey enthusiasts are also entranced by its marvellous sweet scent.

INGREDIENTS: grape seed oil, beeswax, unrefined shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, nutmeg flower oil, chestnut tree bark, chestnut tree flowers, calendula, rue, yellow sweet clover, vitamin E

INCI: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Cera flava, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Fruit Butter, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil , Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Bark), Aesculus Hippocastanum (Flower), Calendula Officinalis, Ruta graveolens L., Melilotus officinalis ,Tocopherol


HOW TO USE: A very small amount of oleum should be placed onto irritated, reddened or inflamed skin, whilst giving special focus to the location of the network of vasodilated blood vessels. Delicately rub in and leave to dry. The product is very efficient – it contains only active substances.


Our products contain natural substances derived from plants which in rare cases
may cause reactions in people prone to allergies.


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